Meher Today – 31st January

Meher Today – 31st January

31 January 1930

Baba goes to Meherabad where he discloses, “In the future Meherabad will be like Jerusalem. For my spiritual work, it is the best possible place. It will always be the center of My work.”

31 January 1939

Baba visits the Taj Mahal by moonlight.

31 January 1952

The New Life phase of Baba’s work ends. Still, Baba says the New Life will live on eternally, even if there is no one to live it. A dhuni (fire) is lit. Baba states that he now frees himself from external religious ceremonies.

31 January 1969

Meher Baba drops the body at 12 noon. Starting in January, 1970 this date came to be called Amartithi and is celebrated each year in India and around the world.


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