Meher Today – 31st December

Meher Today – 31st December

31 December 1926

Each person was given a specific duty. A boys’ school was reestablished on 31 December 1926. Since the Hazrat Babajan School had been dismantled and the men mandali now occupied the Mess Quarters, the new school was opened in the Family Quarters at Arangaon where the Shahane family had formerly lived. Pandoba, Ramchandra Gadekar, and Nisal were appointed as teachers by Baba.

31 December 1943

Baba gave darshan to his close lovers on Friday, 31 December 1943, at the Ahilya Ashram School hall opposite Bindra House. Many devotees came from Kasba Peth, as well as from Ahmednagar, Sholapur, Bombay and Nasik. There was singing from 9:00 A.M. until noon, and Baba gave darshan again in the afternoon from 3:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Guests were instructed not to touch his feet, but only to fold their hands to him and receive prasad of a large fresh fig.

31 December 1949

On Friday, 31 December, Baba gave darshan in the morning in a decorated room at Khushru Quarters, Ahmednagar. Minoo Kharas with his small group from Karachi, Homi Desai of Lahore, Deshmukh from Nagpur, Nariman and Meherjee from Bombay, and other out-of-town close followers were present, as well as about 400 from Ahmednagar. Elizabeth and Norina came with Baba to take part in the program, and they enjoyed meeting everyone again.

31 December 1952

Baba gives a two-day darshan in Saoner, Nagpur District, which 20,000 persons attend each day, including, for the first time, Bhau Kalchuri his wife and daughter.

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