Meher Today – 31st August

Meher Today – 31st August

31 August 1903

On 31 August 1903, at the age of nine, Merwan entered the Poona Camp Government English School. He attended this school for five years. It was an all-boys school, a beautifully constructed building located on Main Street (near what is now Poona Drug Stores).  It was an old school built by the British for students from the wealthier families of Poona and Bombay. Here Merwan encountered older students and became a favorite of many. He had an outgoing, gregarious nature and was sympathetic and helpful to all. His companions loved him dearly and looked to him as their natural leader. He was such a favorite that many were eager to sit, eat, and play with him whenever they had a chance.

31 August 1937

On 31 August 1937, Donkin was sent back to London. Baba urged him to continue his medical studies and to come back to Cannes later for 25 days. Baba also instructed Donkin to take Bellarmino back to Paris and the English maid (whom Kitty had brought to Cannes) back to England, because Baba had found her unsuitable. Donkin was to return to Cannes, and the experiences he had then of being with the Master would bring him within two years to live with Meher Baba in India.

31 August 2001

Eruch Jessawala, longtime mandali member and main interpreter of Baba’s gestures dies at Meherazad. Baba said Eruch was not only a disciple but also a friend.

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  1. *ERUCH’s PRAYER..*

    _Beloved Baba I remain beholden to you for everything that you have done for me in spite of what I am and how I am._

    _You have always overlooked my weaknesses and forgiven me my trespasses. You have never once chastised me; on the contrary, you have always showered your love upon me and your graces upon me._

    _I have no words to express my gratitude but to utter: O Baba, O Baba! O Baba, I am grateful to you for everything. I remain grateful to you ever and ever._

    _O Baba, I beseech you, implore you, and beg of You never, never ever let me down. Baba never ever let me down; never ever reject me, but accept me as I am and how I am._

    _O Baba, guard me and guide me and help me. Hold my hand and lead me on till the very end. Fill me with your love from top to bottom, from side to side, inside and outside, so that your love pervades and permeates me, engulfs and envelops me, and all that is – is your love and not I._

    _I remain resigned to your Will, and let Thy Will be done, always._

  2. JaiBaba,Jai Eruch🙏💐

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