Meher Today – 30th September

Meher Today – 30th September

30 September 1926

On 30 September, Baba humorously named the deer Dhadak (Palpitation) and the mongoose Dhoojara (Shivering) because of the trouble and the emotional stress the animals caused Sailor.

30 September 1931

On Wednesday, 30 September 1931, Baba went to the studio of a Japanese photographer named Kinye Imai to have his picture taken.  The six portraits he took of Baba turned out superbly and were treasured by his lovers.

30 September 1959

On Wednesday, 30 September 1959, Baba called Adi for instructions, stating that it was possible he would not see him for the entire month of October. He told him and the others: “October will be difficult for me. My serious work begins from tomorrow. Today, being a holiday, has passed in a jovial way. Now, from tomorrow the work will start with killing pressure. Today, I tell you all with my divine honesty that I shall manifest in December. I am telling you this with absolute firmness. Now there is no doubt about it.” Baba said this (“I will manifest in December”) three times and directed the mandali to repeat “Amen” each time


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