Meher Today – 30th November

Meher Today – 30th November

30 November 1925

By this time there were 500 people living at Meherabad, and a new kitchen was built in order to accommodate their meals. It was officially opened with an inauguration ceremony on 30 November, when Baba himself lit the hearths for the first time, followed by Zoroastrian prayers by Pesu. During the function, Sawlaram sang bhajans and gramophone records were played, while sweets and tea were served. Food was prepared separately for the Hindus. They were so strict that no one of another caste or religion was even allowed to touch their drinking water.

30 November 1926

On 30 November, Five more of the mandali arrived at Lonavla that day. After dinner, Baba played cards with the mandali, and the losers were made to do several deep knee bends in quick succession.

30 November 1933

The Nasik Colony is shifted to Meherabad.

30 November 1934

Baba was mainly preoccupied with arranging his trip to America. On 30 November he obtained United States visas for himself and the mandali and had passage booked across the Atlantic and train tickets from New York to California. Because of this work, he hardly had any time left to see people or give interviews.

30 November 1950

From 30 November 1950, Baba began attending the Brabourne Stadium cricket series daily after his mast work was over.


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