Meher Today – 30th June

Meher Today – 30th June

30th June 1923 – In accordance with the new diet on the tour, on 30 June, one sack of grams and one larger sack of parched rice were purchased. But being of poor quality, and thinking that they would be a bulky hindrance while walking, Baba told Baidul and Barsoap to return them. Baidul started to lift the smaller sack full of grams and Barsoap protested, saying Baidul should carry the heavier bag of rice. They quarreled for some time, but Baidul left with the smaller bag. Barsoap refused to touch the bigger one and hired a coolie to carry it back to the shop. When Baba came to know of this, he scolded Baidul and then ordered Barsoap to pick up the rice sack and, as a punishment, made him circle the bungalow with it on his head. After this incident, it was decided to cook rice and dal during the journey, and these were purchased along with a few new cooking utensils. (Their old cooking utensils had been sent back.)

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