Meher Today – 30th January

Meher Today – 30th January

30 January 1948

On Friday, 30 January 1948, a mad person who was walking on the road in Ahmednagar was brought to Pimpalgaon. The person who brought him thought he was a mast, but Baba indicated that he was simply mad. He was full of lice and Baba shaved his head, gave him a bath and clothed him in new clothes. After feeding him, Baba sent him back to Ahmednagar the same day. 

On the morning of 30 January, Baba had mentioned, “A very significant event will occur today,” but when the day progressed as usual, everyone forgot the remark. Yet something did happen that night …

30 January 1964

On 30 January, Baba gave this message for the new Hindi weekly periodical, Guide (published in Raipur):

Throughout the ages men have been deeply involved in the struggle for peace and happiness. It is this struggle that lands them into chaos and misery. If men were only to become conscious of the fact that peace and happiness are not to be fought for but to be sought for within oneself, they would abandon their fighting and be at peace with themselves and the world.

I have come not to teach but to awaken — to awaken men to that peace and happiness which cannot be obtained through struggle; neither can it be bargained for, nor borrowed, nor bestowed, because it is inherent in all.

30 January 1969

The night of 30 January, Baba rested for four hours, sleeping for two and a half hours. At 3:45 A.M. he called Eruch, Pendu, Padri, Bhau and Goher. Repeated shocks made his body rise from the bed. All caught hold of his limbs, but the shocks were extremely violent. Baba had tremendous pain in his back, and he conveyed that it felt as if an electric current was passing through his body.

Age noted sadly, “The Avatar’s state was beyond imagination. With each shock, he was dedicating every part of his body to his lovers and to the universe — for the sake of the illusion that sustains the Reality — and thereby weakening maya’s forces.

Baba commented, “Maya is trying to kill me, but I will win!”


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