Meher Today – 2nd September

Meher Today – 2nd September

2 September 1937

The screenwriter, Alexander Markey arrived in Cannes on 2 September 1937 to see Baba about the possible film projects. After Markey’s long discussion with Baba about the films, the “Universal Filmmaker” pretended it was essential to his purposes. Age knew that the real reason Baba showed so much interest in producing a movie was to draw Markey and others, such as Gabriel Pascal and Garrett Fort, to him and to give them his contact. The actual movie was not essential to the Master’s work.

2 September 1939

On 2 September 1939, Kaka and Swamiji had been sent to Mysore to locate and bring masts, but they had not been able to bring anyone.

2 September 1943

On the night of 2 September 1943, seemingly to escape the heat, Baba proceeded to Srinagar, Kashmir by train with a few of the women — Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Rano — and three of the men: Chanji, Kaka and Baidul. With Chanji’s help, Daulat Singh had arranged their stay in the Sam Hotelopposite Dal Lake

2 September 1968

Occasionally, Baba permitted his lovers to pay to have food prepared for himself and the mandali on some special occasion or celebration, such as a birthday or anniversary. Adi Ghaswala, a Bombay lover, sent Adi Sr. a check or money order for Rs.100 for food to be sent for Baba, but the money was somehow lost in transit. Ghaswala felt terrible, but Baba appreciated the thought and on 2 September cabled Ghaswala his love and blessings stating, “Anything given with love is not lost.”

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