Meher Today – 2nd October

Meher Today – 2nd October

2 October 1922

From Monday, 2 October, all the men awoke at 4:00 A.M. and queued in front of the three bathrooms. The brisk, cold bath made them wide awake, and they sat still for one hour “in worship.” Exactly at six o’clock, the breakfast gong was sounded and they went to have tea. This turned into the morning routine, although there were some humorous incidents. Behramji would awaken them at 4:00 A.M., but he himself would be half asleep while holding a kerosene lantern. Jalbhai, as Baba’s brother was called, could not bear the cold baths, so he would pretend to be taking a bath by splashing water on the bathroom walls.  Ghani also detested the freezing bath in the early morning. His ploy was to enter the bathroom and mutter some sounds as if he was bathing as he poured water on the floor, never taking off his clothes.

2 October 1931

On Friday, 2 October 1931, Baba decided it was time to meet Gandhi again. At 8:15 P.M., accompanied by Chanji and Rustom, Baba went to Kingsley Hall Community Center, at Bromley-By-Bow, in the working class East End of London.  When they arrived, they found Gandhi surrounded by many people. Seeing Baba enter, Gandhi stood up and received him with great reverence, and then introduced him to all present. Gandhi wished to talk privately with Baba, but their meeting was carried out in the hall in the presence of everyone.


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