Meher Today – 2nd March

Meher Today – 2nd March

2 March 1953

Baba crosses the Ganges near Rishikesh in a small rowboat. In order to pay his respects to sadhus residing on the other side.

2 March 1954

Baba left Rajahmundry for Kakinada at 1:00 P.M. on 2 March 1954. On his way, he gave darshan in the village of Thapeshwaram in the Satchitananda Theosophical Lodge, where a program had been arranged. There, at two o’clock in the afternoon, the Master’s Prayer was read and this message given:

I am the one so many seek and so few find. No amount of intellect can fathom me. No amount of austerity can attain me. Only when one loves me and loses one’s self in me, am I found. This love must be so honest that not only others should not know it, but you yourself should not be aware of it. One of the divine aspects is infinite goodness, and so do good but without expecting any appreciation for the same from any quarters.

Baba gives his blessings to all.

Baba’s arti was sung, and he distributed prasad. While receiving prasad, a man asked for Baba’s blessing. Baba stated, “My blessing is here in the prasad. If people take it with love, it will go deep down in their hearts. If not, messages are idle talk.”

2 March 1959

On 2 March, for the sixth time in a little over a month, Rustom Kaka and Soonumyan were called to Meherazad to sing before Baba. One ghazal Soonumyan sang, which Baba liked especially, contained these words:

I have no words with which to tell

What I have found having found You.

I have found my Goal, I have found my Self —

Verily, in the form of a man, I have found God!


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