Meher Today – 2nd January

Meher Today – 2nd January

2 January 1927

Baba stopped writing but doesn’t start using the alphabet board until 5 January. In the days in between he points to letters in newspapers.

2 January 1933

On Monday, 2 January 1933, Baba left for Port Said, setting sail the next day at 4:00 P.M. on the SS Baloeran bound for Ceylon.

2 January 1953

Baba visits the grave of His follower, Jal D. Kerawalla and places roses on his grave. He remarks, “Jal lived for me and died in me.”

2 January 1960

On Saturday, 2 January 1960, the rising sun beheld a glorious sight. The newly-built Avatar Meher Baba Arangaon Center was decorated with buntings and with flowers, which gave off a sweet fragrance. Every house in the village left nothing undone to beautify itself, awaiting the Avatar’s arrival. Early that morning Adi brought a few visitors to Meherazad: Anil Sarkar, with his family, and Chari (both from Calcutta) and Yogi Shuddhanand Bharati. Baba arrived at Meherabad at 8:30 A.M., and after remaining there a while, he was driven to Arangaon. The tender rays of the sun welcomed the Lord of Creation, as the interspersing clouds tried to shelter him.

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