Meher Today – 29th September

Meher Today – 29th September

29 September 1926

On 29 September, a Hindu gentleman whose son had disappeared came to Baba and brought with him a printed handbill with his son’s description. Though sincerely interested in finding the boy, he also wanted to test Baba. He asked, “Where is my son and when will I find him?”

Baba replied, “Your son will be found tomorrow and for that you should start for Sholapur immediately.” When he was about to leave, Baba called him back and rebuked him, “What do you take me for? If you take me as a saint, why is it necessary to ask questions? And if you take me as a fortune teller, where is my fee?”

The man admitted his wrong intention and Baba directed him to take darshan of Narayan Maharaj at Kedgaon. Baba also suggested that he inquire at the Christian Missionary School there for his son, assuring him that he would soon locate the boy

29 September 1938

On 29 September 1938, the British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, signed what was known as the Munich Agreement with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini in an attempt to make peace with Germany and Italy to avoid war, in effect turning over Czechoslovakia to Germany. Baba commented on Chamberlain’s action, “It won’t work. There will definitely be war.”

During the First World War the British Army had come to Arangaon and turned it into a military camp — which later became Meherabad.

29 September 1946

Baba goes to Lahore where he contacts masts.

29 September 1957

On Sunday, 29 September 1957, another meeting about the sahavas was held at Meherazad with the same group of men who had attended the previous meeting on the 8th. Baba also invited the Ahmednagar lovers, and Rustom Kaka entertained Baba with melodious singing. Accommodations for the Western lovers coming for the sahavas were discussed, and Sarosh and Viloo assured Baba they would be able to manage it.

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