Meher Today – 29th January

Meher Today – 29th January

29 January 1923

Sometimes Ghani would deliberately quote Persian or Urdu couplets from ghazals, in the hope that Baba would offer some comment or explanation. On the night of 29 January, finding the Master in a communicative mood, Ghani recited this couplet:

Love originates in the heart of the Beloved.

Unless the lamp burns, how can the moth become mad after it?

29 January 1924

On 29 January, those who were to travel to Persia had gone to the Persian Consulate with their respective passports.The consul asked them questions in Persian, and one of the men replied in Persian, “I am sorry, sir, but we do not speak Persian!” The consul was amused and surprised to hear this reply and he unhesitatingly endorsed everyone’s passport. Afterward, Baba discussed their upcoming trip and decided that they should proceed to Iran via Bandar Abbas, instead of Baghdad, because travel expenses would be less costly by that route.

29 January 1969

Bhau remembered the last line Baba dictated to him on 29 January 1969, “What will we live for now, when you have gone away?” and composed a ghazal on it.

29 January 1969

According to Baba’s instructions, Bhau would write short notes to his family in Ahmednagar almost daily (sometimes twice a day), conveying Baba’s orders or messages. On Wednesday, 29 January 1969, he wrote his family:

Beloved Baba’s condition is very bad and there is no sign of improvement. Yesterday we were all frightened. But he is God and his health is in his hands. He is giving us an opportunity of serving him.


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