Meher Today – 29th August

Meher Today – 29th August

29 August 1930

On Friday, 29 August 1930, Baba left Nagpur toward the south for Kolhapur, accompanied by Agha Ali, Vishnu, Jalbhai, Karim, and Raosaheb. In Hyderabad, a customs inspector named Dalanji Behram recognized Baba and beseeched him to visit his house. Baba went with him in his car, and he showed Baba the sights of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Baba also visited the home of a man named Palanji, then left for Kolhapur where he remained for a week in the forest area of Tapovan.

29 August 1931

Baba departs on his first visit to the West. Before leaving India, Baba sends a message to Meher Gazette, “I am everywhere and in everything.”

29 August 1932

After five days in Egypt, Baba, Kaka and Chanji sailed for India on the MV Victoria on Monday, 29 August 1932. The ship had fine cabins and the voyage was comfortable, but Baba remained inside most of the time. He did not wish to go out and be conspicuous, and did not wish to be recognized by anyone. During the voyage, he would occasionally go out at odd hours when no one was on deck, staying for a few minutes and returning to his cabin. Inside, he seemed “far away” and when he communicated, it would be to constantly remember his Western gopis, Kimco, Herbert or Quentin.

29 August 1946

Baba maintains strict seclusion in Niranjanpur for 15 days.

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