Meher Today – 29th April

Meher Today – 29th April

29 March 1949

On Tuesday, 29 March 1949, Baba walked two miles to the village of Dilwara near Mount Abu. There he worked with an old yogi named Bengali Baba, who had been living in a cave for the past 40 years. In Mount Abu, Baba contacted another mast, called Haridas Baba Nirvan. He was an old mast, bent over, and naked except for a ragged loincloth. He sat, even in the most wretched conditions, on a stone platform near Nakki Lake. While Baba sat with him there, Haridas wept and wept, referring to himself as “Ishwar [God]’s dog!”

29 April 1958

The local residents were pestering Kohiyar to ask Baba to give darshan, and so on the last day of Baba’s stay, Tuesday, 29 April 1958, Baba gave darshan in Shapoor Hall. About 300 people took advantage of it, including the Maharaja of Bhor and his family, and some maharanis (queens) who were vacationing in Mahabaleshwar.


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