Meher Today – 28th October

Meher Today – 28th October

28 October 1953

Baba requests his followers to keep awake from midnight of the 28th to 1:00 a.m. of the 29th, repeating audibly and without break any name of God for one hour.

28 October 1959

Baba indicates that the “infinitely crucial phase” of his work is completed to his satisfaction.

28 October 1962

On the morning of 28 October, when Manohar Sakhare was sitting with Baba and the mandali, Baba suddenly asked him, “What is happening on our borders?”

Sakhare answered, “The Chinese are pouring across the Himalayas and are pressing us down the foothills. They will soon be in the plains of Bengal, cutting the army off from Assam.”

Baba gestured casually, “They will not come down the plains, but will go back.”

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