Meher Today – 28th November

Meher Today – 28th November

28 November 1934

Baba and the mandali arrived in Marseilles on Wednesday, 28 November and took the train directly to Paris. From there, they continued on to England and arrived at Victoria Terminus in London at seven in the evening the following day.

28 November 1940

They were successful (with a bid of Rs.900), and on 28 November, sent this telegram to Baba: “Pimpalgaon bungalow bought.”

28 November 1947

By the end of November everything on Tembi Hill was mostly ready. Baba went up the hill on Friday, 28 November 1947 with Padri and the primary carpenter-cum-mason Mahiboob. Baba was so pleased, he presented Mahiboob with a gold medal!

28 November 1952

On Friday, 28 November 1952, Baba and the mandali left Hamirpur for Delhi by the Manikpur-Jhansi express train. The close followers from Hamirpur accompanied them. Aloba made a mistake while arranging the baggage on the train, and Baba scolded him, “I am burning within! Don’t let me also burn outside by your carelessness.”


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