Meher Today – 28th December

Meher Today – 28th December

28 December 1928

Another Muslim boy who had been taken away with Agha Ali in August was Ahmed Muhammad. On 28 December 1928, at sunset, as Baba was seated by his crypt-cabin discussing matters with the mandali, suddenly Ahmed came forward and garlanded Baba with roses. He stood with pride before Baba. The little fellow returned to Meherabad, having walked all the way from Bombay, 175 miles. He had gone without food during his long journey and suffered many hardships along the way.

28 December 1929

Meanwhile, the Dewan of Jawhar state, Mr. Gune, had invited the Master to his house.  Baba, with a few of the men, left by car for Jawhar on Saturday, 28 December 1929 at four in the afternoon. Rustom, who was driving, had to drive through densely forested ghats. Highway robbers hid in the woods and at one point, a band of them tried to stop the car. Rustom refused to stop, accelerating past them and reaching Jawhar safely. Gune received Baba with great reverence and honor, and Baba gave darshan to those at his house.

28 December 1936

Chummy, the pet cocker spaniel that Baba had purchased in Los Angeles two years before, died at Meherabad at 8:00 P.M. on 28 December 1936. Baba was present and gave Chummy a spoonful of brandy with his own hands. The dog was buried at Upper Meherabad the next day.

28 December 1941

Manek Darasha Mehta was the leader of a group of spiritual seekers in Bombay known as the Jap Mandal (Group). The group was planning a pilgrimage to all five Perfect Master’s headquarters. Kaka Baria brought four of the group, including Mehta, to Meherabad on Sunday, 28 December 1941 to discuss the matter with Baba, whom they had not met before. The idea was not thought to be a sound one. Baba also at first refused to permit the entire group to come to Meherabad, but then relented and said they could come and have darshan from a distance, if they agreed to come to Meherabad directly from Bombay and return there directly.


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