Meher Today – 27th November

Meher Today – 27th November

27 November 1940

Irene Billo’s father, who had met Baba several times, had died at the end of October. Discussing his death on 27 November, Baba informed her: “You should be happy. Your father was very lucky. He died like Vivekananda, without suffering. He is free. All relations of those who are with me, whether they know me or not, or even if they do not believe in me, get salvation. Krishna has said, ‘Seventy-two generations of such lucky ones get liberation.’ ”

27 November 1948

A Meher Baba Center is established in England.

27 November 1950

Monday, 27 November was spent in mast work in Bombay and surrounding areas. Baba contacted 33 masts in Bombay. While Baba kept his head on each mast’s feet, someone from among the companions would request the mast to give his blessing. Ramjoo accompanied Baba for the first three days in Bombay, and as instructed requested the following blessing from the masts: “Please pray that his spiritual work is carried out successfully.”

Some masts would reply, “God willing, it will be completed.” Some merely nodded their heads, not saying a word.

27 November 1957

Baba held a meeting at Meherazad on Wednesday, 27 November 1957 to give his decision about the upcoming sahavas congregation. Harry Kenmore was also present.


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