Meher Today – 27th July

Meher Today – 27th July

27 July 1968 –  On 27 July, Baba commented to Adi: “When I rise to the heights of my work I do not feel the body strain, but when I come down, the body strain is then heavily felt. I am happy that the work done today is excellent.”

27 July 1956 – On Friday morning, 27 July 1956, Baba had an early breakfast, because the television film crew was scheduled to arrive shortly. He also had a few private interviews, the first with Michael and Anne Kohanow of New York City. Baba asked Michael, “Do you accept me as your Master?”

Michael replied, “My mind accepts you.”

Baba explained to him, “Love, deep down, is calm like the depth of the ocean. Shallow waters show disturbance on the surface.”

27 July 1931 – From Chalisgaon, Baba proceeded to Chandor on 27 July in an ordinary public bus (in a pouring rain) and reached the dak bungalow at Pimpalgaon Baswant. When the women saw him, they were shocked and in tears. Looking weary from his journeying, Baba was unshaven, his hair disheveled, and he was dressed in dirty, tattered clothes. “Very difficult times lie ahead,” Baba told them, “and you will have to undergo much more trouble if you elect to stay with me.

Your life will be nothing but hardships. Even at present, providing food and clothing for all is difficult for me. In the future, who knows, even this much may be impossible! So I advise you to go back to your families with whom you will find some degree of comfort.”

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