Meher Today – 27th January

Meher Today – 27th January

27 January 1922

Sadashiv met Baba at the Poona station on Friday, 27 January 1922 and took him directly to the hut. Baba was pleased. He smiled, patted Sadashiv on the back, and said, “Shabash [Well done]!” The owner of the property turned out to be one of his school friends and he refused to accept any money in rent when he discovered who was to use the land.

27 January 1932

Baba still had not given up looking for an “ideal boy” and he wished to find a suitable youth to accompany him to the West. Baba instructed that a classified ad be placed in the Times of India, which appeared on 27 January 1932: “WANTED one boy, not above sixteen years of age, energetic, healthy and good looking to act as personal attendant to Master touring round the world. Decent pay with board and lodging.” Many applicants were interviewed, but none was found satisfactory.

27 January 1956

Leaving Meherazad early in the morning of Friday, 27 January 1956 with several of the mandali, Baba reached Sangamner at 8:00 A.M. The lovers received him warmly and conducted him to a special room adjoining the pandal. Important citizens of the town garlanded him and took his darshan. Coming out of the room, Baba took his seat on the dais. There were not many in the small tent yet, and the handful of people greeted him with shouts of his Jai. Leaving his chair, Baba sat on the edge of the dais and began giving prasad. Men and women formed into separate lines and approached him. After some time 10,000 people poured in, and the place was jam-packed and overflowing. Nothing but a sea of heads could be seen. It was a sight never before witnessed in Sangamner. Suddenly, overpowered with emotion, the crowd began stampeding toward Baba.

27 January 1959

By Baba’s wish, Francis Brabazon arrived from Australia to live at Meherazad on 27 January 1959, for an indefinite period.  He laid the handwritten manuscript of Stay With God at Baba’s feet — and literally began staying with God! Baba commented about the book: “The unique fact of this epic of the living Avatar being written during his lifetime, and being heard by him in physical form, will have a great bearing and significance for posterity.”


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