Meher Today – 27th February

Meher Today – 27th February

27 February 1929

Even though they had walked about fourteen miles, the boys were not tired. Reaching Happy Valley at about ten o’clock, they had a meal and Baba made the boys rest. The next day, Wednesday, 27 February 1929, Baba took a few boys sightseeing to Manjor Suba Hill and other spots, but he returned within fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the mandali and the remaining boys had been divided into two groups — the Hindus led by Dhake and the Iranis by Baidul — and each group went to climb a nearby hill.

27 February 1939

Leaving Ajmer in the Blue Bus in the pouring rain with the women at 7:15 A.M. on Monday, 27 February 1939, Baba proceeded to Jaipur, reaching the city three hours later.  It rained the entire way. In Jaipur, they stayed at the New Hotel, which Adi Sr. had booked in advance. Baba took the women to the Sultan mahals (palaces) known as Hawa Mahal, the Amber Mahal, Jai Mandir, Dilaram Garden, Mohan Garden, and the main palace Chandra Mahal, then to the zoo at the public gardens.

27 February 1963

On 27 February, Baba sent this message to Koduri Krishna Rao:

You are blessed in your love for me. The love of my lovers gathered in Kovvur for the opening of Mehersthan on February 28th has filled Mehersthan with my presence, for I abide where my lovers are. I give my blessing to Mehersthan and to all who have made this pilgrimage to Kovvur to welcome me.


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