Meher Today – 27th December

Meher Today – 27th December

27 December 1938

On the morning of 27 December, Baba was driven in a taxi with Hedi and Walter Mertens to an old palace named Madan Mahal, built on top of a mountain near Jabalpur.

27 December 1939

On the morning of 27 December 1939, a discussion about sin and sinners came up among the group. Baba commented: “From my point of view, no one is so bad as not to improve and become good. Everyone, however depraved, can improve and become better, until he becomes a paragon of virtue for mankind! There is always hope for everyone.”

27 December 1942

Sarosh and every other man took the remark lightly and quickly forgot about it. But on 27 December 1942, when the Sarosh Cinema was full of British soldiers, during the intermission someone from the “Quit India” independence movement threw a grenade inside the theater compound. Sarosh was closest to the blast, but miraculously escaped injury. One boy working at the cinema was killed and several others injured. Sarosh then remembered what Baba had predicted. 

27 December 1942 

Baba chose Bombay, Poona, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Allahabad, Lahore and Sholapur as central points for spreading his message. To make preparations for these gatherings, Baba decided to hold a meeting of his intimate followers on 27 December, at Meherabad. His lovers were then invited to attend the meeting.


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