Meher Today – 26th September

Meher Today – 26th September

26 September 1926

On the morning of 26 September, there was a decision among the other mandali to make one arrangement for everyone’s drinking water and do away with such distinctions. But the Brahmins were not ready to accept such a proposal. With the possibility of having only one water facility for all, the Brahmin students were prepared to return home. So Baba gathered all together and asked them to explain their points of view.

A long argument followed and a vote was taken on whether to make the change or to let things stand as they were. The vote was a tie, 28 votes for and 28 votes against the change. Everyone then turned to Baba and he cast the deciding vote in favor of the orthodox Hindus to continue with separate arrangements.

26 September 1929

On Thursday, 26 September 1929, the ship reached the Persian port of Mohammerah (Khorramshahr), and all were requested to be inoculated against cholera. Chanji tried to have Baba exempted from this, as he had already had a vaccination in Bombay before leaving, but he failed and Baba was forced to take the injection.

When they disembarked and were going through customs, the customs officer seized all the books, lockets, photographs, and phonograph records they were carrying. He claimed they were anti-Islamic. Baba observed, “They won’t return these things to us. They will create difficulties and will interfere in my work in seclusion.”

26 September 1949

At 2:30, on the afternoon of Monday, 26 September 1949, Baba executed a document giving general power of attorney to Sarosh. This was done in front of a magistrate at Meherabad. That same day Baba also executed several deeds of sale of the land, three of which granted Meherabad Hill to Sarosh, lower Meherabad to Meherjee and the Pimpalgaon property to Nariman.

26 September 1954

Baba gives darshan in Khushru Quarters, (now the Meher Nazar Trust Compound) in Ahmednagar.

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