Meher Today – 26th October

Meher Today – 26th October

26 October 1926

Dismantling the buildings at lower Meherabad began on 26 October, under Naval’s supervision. The dharamshala (Upasni Serai) and the leper ward were the first two structures to be taken down and it was done in one day.

26 October 1926

On 26 October 1926, Baba asked the men to solve four riddles. The men were given two days to solve them, and a prize of jalebis and milk was offered for the correct answers. The riddles were:

Who says one thing and does another?

If three go, one comes.

If four die, one is afraid.

Two are false; one is real.

When Baba gathered the mandali after two days, no one could solve the riddles to his satisfaction, so he explained the answers:

“One who says one thing and does another is a hypocrite.

” ‘If three go, one comes’ means that if lust, greed, and anger are burned up, then God comes.

” ‘If four die, one is afraid’ means that if lust, greed, anger and hope die, maya is afraid.

” ‘If two are false, one is real’ means that duality is false and the state of unity is real.”

26 October 1940

The mast Shariat Khan was sent back to Chikmagalur on 26 October 1940, after having spent ten months in the Master’s contact.

26 October 1947

A plan for a new hall at Meherabad was drawn up by Pendu, Padri and Kalemama. It was to be quite large, 126 feet in length by 40 feet in width, and Baba gave his approval. Application for formal permission to build it was submitted to the authorities in Ahmednagar on 26 October 1947, and construction began soon afterward. The building material came from a military auction held at the time.


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