Meher Today – 26th November

Meher Today – 26th November

26 November 1928

On Monday, 26 November 1928, Baba left Toka in Rustom’s car with Gustadji and Chhota Baba. The remaining boys and their supervisors, along with the trunks and baggage, followed in a trolley, and all stayed at the Satha’s at Akbar Press in Ahmednagar.

26 November 1931

A social worker named Mrs. H. B. Steffanson came to see Baba on 26 November and asked, “What is the purpose of life?”

Baba replied succinctly, “To attain Truth and know the Self.”

“What is the best way to help the poor suffering people now?”

“Prayer. Meditate on their suffering and your desire to help. At the same time, try your best to help financially to alleviate their sufferings. But really speaking, there is still more suffering to come. It is necessary and good; then there will be lasting peace. That will be the time when I will speak. I am eternally happy, but I feel compassion for the sufferings of these poor people.”

“Of course you do,” Mrs. Steffanson declared. “Much, much more than any of us.”

“Think of me daily before going to bed and I will help you,” Baba promised.

26 November 1939

Sunday, 26 November, Baba left Bangalore by train toward the south of India, traveling third class. He was accompanied by Eruch, Gustadji, Kaka, Jal Kerawalla and the boy Krishna.  Baba had tea ordered at the next station, and, in a pleasant mood, remarked to Jal, “Traveling with me is full of both joy and hardships.

Joy in the sense that you have the privilege of my company and are able to enjoy the benefits of my satsang, explanations, et cetera. Hardship in the sense that there is plenty of work to be done and I am a hard taskmaster when it comes to locating and contacting the different masts.”

26 November 1949

The begging / langoti phase of the New Life training officially begins, with the New Life companions going out begging for alms, as the physical labor training phase ends.


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