Meher Today – 26th March

Meher Today – 26th March

26 March 1950

Baba hiked to the area known as Mayapur with the four companions on Sunday, 26 March 1950. There in several different ashrams and gathering places, he made another large number of contacts — 937. Those in charge of the ashrams, hermitages and camps, would urge Baba to visit their different temples and take darshan of the gods and goddesses residing there. To please them, Baba would comply by bowing to these deities as well. At one crossing, on the opposite bank of the Ganges, a mahatma was standing on a branch of a tree. Baba bowed to him from afar.

26 March 1957

On 26 March, the lieutenant governor of Rewa, Thirumala Rao, came to Meherazad and laid the Telugu translation he had done of God Speaks at Baba’s feet. Baba touched the manuscript and returned it to him, urging him to publish it. He commented to Thirumala Rao, “I am highly pleased with your efforts and love. Despite your high position, you have not forgotten me. So live for me in that way and thereby you will truly serve the Indian government and more.”

Thirumala Rao said, “I have become governor only by your blessing, so how could I forget you?”

“Even if you are removed as governor, remain happy, taking it as my wish, and don’t worry.”

Thirumala Rao departed happily.

26 March 1961

From 26 March, the mandali began taking Baba out for 40-minute rides in the car. He would go with the men every morning at 8:00 A.M. and with the women every evening at 6:30 P.M. Because of the ban on visitors, when the mandali had Baba walk for very short distances in public parks, if someone happened to recognize him, they would keep away with great respect, displaying a willingness not to disturb him in the least. Therefore, Baba’s “disposition” gradually improved, and physically, too, his condition became noticeably better.


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