Meher Today – 26th January

Meher Today – 26th January

26 January 1931

On Monday, 26 January Sarosh hired a small, private airplane and brought it to Deolali. Baba, his brother Beheram, and six others took a ride in it. This was the first time Meher Baba rode in an airplane.

26 January 1969

Mani’s Family Letter of 26 January 1969, was read out to Baba before it was mailed throughout the world. Considering his health, Eruch pointed out, “Baba, if you wish to cancel the approaching darshan, it is still possible to do so.”

Baba smiled and replied, “No, it is not to be canceled. I will give my darshan to my lovers. I will give it on my own terms.”

He emphasized to them repeatedly: “Simply do as I say, whatever it may be, for I know what I am doing.”

He again warned: “Hold on to my daaman. Do not let it slip away under any circumstance.”

At one point, referring to Baba’s book, which had not been seen since 1958, Eruch asked, “What about your book?” Baba assured him, “It is in good hands,” and gestured tipping a hat (which, depending on the context, could be interpreted as either Adi Sr. — in the West — or with a Westerner).


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