Meher Today – 26th December

Meher Today – 26th December

26 December 1937

They reached Nagpur at 9:30 on the morning of 26 December 1937 and were met at the station by Pappa Jessawala and his son Eruch, Jal Kerawalla and Dr. Deshmukh. Baba rode in the Jessawala’s car with some of the mandali; the rest followed in another car to the Jessawalas’ grand residence, called Mary Lodge. Gaimai and her two daughters were waiting for Baba, standing in the doorway. Immediately as Baba entered, they embraced him and prostrated, touching their foreheads to his feet. They then performed arti, breaking coconuts at Baba’s feet and tossing flowers and sprinkling scented water everywhere.

26 December 1960

On Monday, 26 December 1960, both the men and women mandali fasted for 24 hours on plain water and two cups of tea taken twice. Eruch was asked by Baba to remain on sweetened water for seven days.

From the 26th, for the next 21 days, the sweet melody of the repetition of God’s name was heard all over the world, as lovers began carrying out the instructions that Baba had given through the Life Circular issued in November. “Baba’s disinclination had roused their interest in him,” Age recounted. “In every center, Love’s glory reigned supreme! The attention of the world of his lovers was focused on him, and the echo of their love-songs became intense. The Wine was blooming, so that many people came to know of Baba during this time.”

26 December 1968

Baba’s health continues to decline and he experiences severe muscle spasms. Baba remarks, “The time is very near.”


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