Meher Today – 26th August

Meher Today – 26th August

26 August 1892

Thus on 26 August 1892, the incident occurred that caused Tajuddin to be incarcerated by the British authorities in the mental asylum the next day. There was an uproar of protest among the local people, especially the Mohammedans. But, because one of the British women at the club had been so disturbed by the sight of Tajuddin’s nakedness, her husband used his influence to force the authorities to imprison the Muslim. Tajuddin’s trial received considerable attention, and during this time the judge became drawn to him. Although Tajuddin was dressed in poor attire, the judge kept seeing him dressed like a king! The judge became distressed by the court proceedings. Despite the hesitation of the judge, however, the British authorities compelled him to sentence Tajuddin to the asylum for the rest of his life.

26 August 1932

Meanwhile a cable was received at noon on 26 August: “Our Beloved Sweetheart stole all our hearts and all our souls. All love, Kimco.” Baba lovingly pressed the cable to his lips and eyes, which had filled with tears as he read it. Finding Baba in such a splendid mood, Kaka and Chanji took advantage of the opportunity to be held in his arms, and they received a loving and hearty embrace from their Beloved Master.

26 August 1962

On Sunday, 26 August, Baba held a special meeting at Meherazad with a few of the Ahmednagar and Poona workers (who were brought by Joseph Harb in his car). The meeting lasted for three hours, and important points regarding arrangements for the East-West Gathering were finalized. An estimate of costs for the arrangements was worked out and submitted to Baba for his approval. It was estimated that at least Rs.7,000 would have to be spent for arrangements inside Guruprasad (the pandal and rented chairs, microphone and electrical fixtures, lavatories, water supply and daily labor charges). Baba selected nine close lovers to share the burden of these expenses: Joseph Harb to pay Rs.1,500; Nariman Dadachanji, Hoshang Bharucha and Kishinchand Gajwani to pay Rs.1,000 each; and Sorabji Siganporia, Meherjee, Bapusaheb Shinde, Minoo Desai and Minoo Bharucha, Rs.500 each.

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