Meher Today – 25th September

Meher Today – 25th September

25 September 1928

On Tuesday, 25 September 1928, the sixteenth day of Baba’s fast, while playing a game of cricket in the evening at six o’clock, Baba gave the cricket ball to Pendu though it was Chanji’s turn to bowl. He then handed it back to Chanji, and in this way went on changing the order of bowling. Khak Saheb was sent from one team to another and again transferred to his own team. Baba did the same with Pendu also. When the game was over, Baba remarked, “I have done great work today. I am honest; that’s why I am telling you.” The real meaning behind his actions is difficult to grasp. Baba’s every word and movement was a reflection of his Universal working, and he alone knew what important work he was doing by making such constant changes while playing a game of cricket.

25 September 1934

On Thursday, 25 September 1934, he went to Nasik with Adi Sr. and Kalingad to enroll the children in school. Freiny was emotionally unwell and could not properly look after them, and Rustom was occupied in business and his duties with Baba’s work and property. Baba would often go to Nasik to make certain the children were taken care of and to see to their welfare. He returned to Meherabad that same day.

25 September 1937

Mohammed the mast sails for France with two of the mandali. They meet Baba at Cannes. This is Mohammed’s first and last journey out of India.

25 September 1938

A play based on the classical tale of Raja Gopichand is performed for Baba by the masts (God-intoxicated souls) in lower Meherabad.

25 September 1960

The delayed monsoon rains had come at last, and on Sunday, 25 September 1960, Baba was driven in the DeSoto, accompanied by the men and women mandali (driven separately), to have a look at Pimpalgaon Lake, which was overflowing. Baba had earlier remarked, “The reason there has not been any rain is that Indra [the god of rain] has no pity for me in my suffering and refuses to weep!”

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