Meher Today – 25th January

Meher Today – 25th January

25 January 1927

On the morning of Tuesday, 25 January 1927, while discussing plans about the new school, the news of Indian troops being sent to China by the British government was mentioned. Baba disapproved of the action and predicted. when someone pointed out the possibility of the Meherabad property being appropriated by the British in the event of war, Baba replied in a good mood, “Don’t worry about it. Raise the new school building as soon as you can and leave the rest to me. I won’t leave this place. I guarantee to undertake the responsibility that no one comes here. I’ll tell the British I won’t go. Let us see what they do.

“The key to the world and its affairs is in my hand. When I turn the key internally, there will be an enormous conflagration in the world, and yet it will appear as if I am sitting here quietly.”

25 January 1953

On Sunday morning, 25 January 1953, the group gathered at seven o’clock in Baba’s room as instructed. “I had no sleep last night,” he stated. Baba wished to visit the huts of the poor, who wanted to invite him but dared not, and this was discussed. He concluded, “I am not going there to show humility. I am in all, the Goal of all. Then what is the necessity of this visit? It is because I love the poor, which is true, and also people should know that I am for the poor.”

When one of the group remarked that the people of Andhra were “madly in love” with him, Baba quoted these lines of the Urdu poet Jigar:

Now, the mere utterance of the word love is enough to frighten my heart!

O God, what complete devastation love brings!

25 January 1969

Adi Sr. returned to Ahmednagar from Bombay late on 25 January. Jim Mistry’s wife, Roda, after hearing of Baba’s serious condition, traveled with Adi, and the next morning they went to Meherazad. Adi brought about 20 coconuts sent by Arnavaz and Katie, so that Baba could have coconut water to drink.


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