Meher Today – 24th November

Meher Today – 24th November

24 November 1923

Reaching Bombay on 24 November 1923, Baba informed the mandali, “I will be in strict seclusion without letting any of you — except a select few — know where I am. You will not know where I will be, so it is better if you all go back to your homes during the period of my seclusion.” Soon after, according to Baba’s wish, Nervous, Padri and Slamson stayed in Bombay; Adi and Masaji went to Ahmednagar, and Baidul and Behramji went to Poona. Behramji alone knew of Baba’s intentions and went to Poona for the sole purpose of arranging things

24 November 1931

The rector (chief pastor) of St. Bartholomew’s Church, Rev. Dr. Robert Norwood, came to see Baba at the Astor on 24 November. Norwood, 57, was a well-known Canadian poet who held a doctorate in theology. A devout soul in search of Truth, Norwood had written extensively, and was a dynamic preacher “who brought large crowds to the church week after week.”

24 November 1941

Baba went to Bijapur, on 24 November 1941, where he contacted Kuanwala Baba, a mast who lived on top of a large pile of municipal rubbish.

24 November 1949

Baba initiates the begging / langoti phase of the New Life by having read out a prayer he wrote asking God for forgiveness and strength for himself and the New Life companions. Then accompanied by Eruch, Dr. Donkin, and Babadas, Baba goes to the first home to ask for alms.


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