Meher Today – 24th June

Meher Today – 24th June

24th June 1939 – Chanji was sent to Bombay and Navsari the same day with his nieces Arnavaz and Nargis, who had been staying with the women during their summer holidays. Baba sent Chanji to Bombay again to see Mahatma Gandhi on the 23rd evening. Baba had asked Gandhi to translate some of his articles into Gujarati. Chanji presented Gandhi the first issue of Meher Baba Journal, which contained Baba’s discourse, “The Avatar.” (“… The Avatar appears in different forms, under different names, at different times, in different parts of the world… “) Gandhi was interested in hearing of Baba and his activities with the mad ashram and proposed Universal Center. Afterward, Gandhi wrote the following letter to Chanji, who was staying in Bombay:

Birla House

Mount Pleasant Road

Bombay, June 24, 1939

Brother Dadachanji,

This morning I saw the monthly that you left yesterday. I read Baba’s article. I just glanced through the other articles also. As I understand it, Baba’s wish seems to be that if I approve of what he says in his article, I should myself translate it. But there are many Gujarati translators more proficient than I am.

I cannot say “I approve of it” nor would I say “I do not,” for either way it would be presumption. So, in other words, “I am just wondering what all this is.” Send me the other issues also. I admit that my curiosity to understand Baba and his works has increased.

If Baba agrees, I wish to send one of my co-workers to Meherabad. Thus, after getting to know him in my own way, if his articles appeal to me, I shall certainly translate them. I will be guided by God in this. Let me know through a postcard, after meeting Baba or otherwise, whether I should send one of my co-workers to Meherabad.

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