Meher Today – 24th December

Meher Today – 24th December

24 December 1922

At 11:00 A.M. on 24 December, Baba called fourteen of the men to his room and told them, “My seclusion is because of spiritual reasons. Maharaj has recently imprisoned himself in a bamboo cage at Sakori and is suffering for the good of his mandali. Now that my real spiritual work has started, many of the present mandali will leave me. You will see.” The fourteen men again solemnly promised Baba that, in every situation, they would stay with him for the stipulated period.

24 December 1933

The pump is turned on at Meherabad to make water available up the hill.

24 December 1941

Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj drops his body.

24 December 1952

Baba was invited to Devargaon, fourteen miles from Amraoti, on the morning of Wednesday, 24 December 1952. There, he contacted a mast named Virbhan Maharaj. As Baba began massaging his legs, the mast said to him, “Why undergo so much trouble for me? You have to do great work for the world!”

Baba replied, “I am for those who love me, and those who love me are my gurus.”

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