Meher Today – 24th August

Meher Today – 24th August

24 August 1925

Mastan is the first mast (God-intoxicated soul) who is given shelter by Baba at Meherabad. Baba says he is on the first plane of consciousness.

24 August 1932

On Wednesday, 24 August 1932, Baba rode a donkey to the pyramids and Sphinx in Gizeh, and also visited the local zoo. In Cairo, Baba revealed to Kaka and Chanji, “The Coptic Church contains a cave where Mary and Joseph stayed after fleeing Herod. The reason I came to Egypt is to visit this church.”

Led by Baba, they visited the Coptic Church the next day. Baba’s face was radiant with joy as he walked through the church, as if he was reliving his memories as Jesus. “This is my dear old place,” he recalled and indicated that Jesus had also come and stayed here with his apostles.

24 August 1947

Many were eager for the Master’s darshan, which he allowed on Sunday, 24 August 1947. From three until seven in the evening at Jal Villa, nearly 500 people from Satara came for Baba’s darshan as bhajans were sung. Adi Sr., Meherjee and Nariman came from Bombay. Gadekar and other close Poona lovers were also present.

24 August 1957

For further treatment for his hip, Baba traveled to Poona on Saturday, 24 August 1957 with the women mandali, in Meherjee’s Chevrolet. Adi Sr. drove Eruch, Bhau, Savak and Nariman. They stayed once again at Ganeshkhind, where Jalbhai joined them.

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