Meher Today – 24th April

Meher Today – 24th April

24 April 1924

Baba bows down to Padri for not following Baba’s directions.

24 April 1928

Accordingly, from the morning of 24 April, 200 residents of Meherabad fasted for 24 hours on water and milkless tea, taken only once. On the following morning, Baba also took a little milkless tea and broke his fast simultaneously with the rest. Instead of being the first to eat, Baba stated that he preferred to serve all those who fasted with him first. After serving the food at about nine o’clock — after a lapse of five months and fifteen days — Baba ate a little curry and rice. Although Baba is perfect, he has to do penance for the universe! He suffers for all beings, and thus worships the universe. How can anyone have an idea of his worship? His worship is performed from the depths of the Ocean of unlimited suffering. Only the Avatar can do such worship.

24 April 1932

After a week’s stay, Baba left Devonshire at 6:30 in the morning on Sunday, 24 April 1932. Baba arrived in London accompanied by Adi Sr., Minta, Kim, Mabel, Margaret and Kitty, and stayed at the Davys’ house. The other mandali (who had left Devonshire the day before) stayed at Stephanie Haggard’s home. All the birds flew back to find refuge in Baba, including a woman named Phyllis who had met Baba at Devonshire the previous year.

24 April 1949

In Benares the next day, Sunday, 24 April 1949, Baba worked with a stout mast named Lakaria Baba who, for a mast, was unusually dressed because he was in clean clothes. Lakaria would give people pieces of wood and string as good luck charms. Baba asked Eruch to write the mast’s name and address on a piece of paper and remind him about this when they returned to Mount Abu.

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