Meher Today – 23rd November

Meher Today – 23rd November

23 November 1892

Long-time secretary of Meher Baba’s, Feramroz Dadachanji (Chanji), is born.

23 November 1952

On Sunday, 23 November 1952, on their way to Meherastana near Mahewa, Keshav Nigam told Baba, “A Muslim friend of mine conducts an orphanage. He wishes, if it pleases you, for you to pay a visit to his institution.”

Baba agreed on one condition: “After washing and laying my head on the children’s feet, I will give them prasad; but they should remain absolutely quiet and not move when I take their darshan.” Keshav accepted and made the necessary arrangements in the orphanage. When Baba arrived, six or seven boys were brought before him. Baba began by washing the feet of the first lad. But when he tried to bow down to him, the boy suddenly stepped back. Baba was noticeably peeved and commented, “When the boy pulled back his feet, had my head touched the ground, this world would have gone to hell.” However, Baba did lay his head on the other children’s feet and gave them about 20 rupees each as prasad. Baba handed the entire amount to the orphanage manager, who it turned out was greedy and kept the money for himself.

23 November 1953

Another early disciple, Abdulla Haroon Jaffer, had died two weeks before in Nasik, on 23 November 1953.

23 November 1956

Baba returned to Satara 23 November 1956. This was Meher Baba’s last mast journey. Never again did the Slave of his true lovers venture out for mast contacts; from that time on, wherever he was residing, masts were brought to him.

Returning to Satara, Baba resumed his daily routine with Kaikobad. Every evening, he would call the mandali to Grafton and play cards with them. Nilu would write amusing poetry and read it to Baba.


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