Meher Today – 23rd March

Meher Today – 23rd March

23 March 1930

Leaving Sholapur on 23 March, Baba proceeded to Pandharpur where he stayed for four hours. He then left for Panchgani, via Satara and Wai, where he spent the night. His host in Panchgani was the principal of the Hindu High School, Kalemama’s son-in-law Raosaheb M. V. Pandit and his family who welcomed Baba heartily. Baba appreciated Pandit’s efforts and praised the family’s devotion. Baba granted darshan to the students and then departed.

23 March 1950

With Gustadji, Baidul, Eruch and Pendu, Baba again proceeded to Kankhal, On Thursday, 23 March 1950. 678 contacts were made, and Baba and the men returned wearily to Motichur at three that afternoon.

23 March 1953

Prior to Baba’s move to Dehra Dun, he had instructed Kishan Singh and others to look for an “ideal boy,” because he wished to wash the boy’s feet and offer him seven rupees as prasad every day for two weeks. A suitable boy was not found, but during the darshan on 23 March, Dev Dutt Sharma came accompanied by his teenaged son, Shashi. Baba liked the lad and had Kishan Singh bring him to Mussoorie on 2 May. Baba kept him with him for about two weeks and then sent him home.

Shashi Sharma recalled that when he first saw Baba, “his divine glow made me try to touch his feet, but he did not allow it. I was invited to stay in his Mussorie ashram. Every day in the morning, he would put his head on my toes and give me a few rupees. I used to get an electric-[like] shock when his head touched my feet.”


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