Meher Today – 23rd July

Meher Today – 23rd July

23 July 1948 – Opening of the new hall at lower Meherabad.

23 July 1929 – Baba set out with the mandali and boys on a sightseeing trip through Old and New Delhi, then to the Qutub Minar (all the way to the top), the Red Fort and other places of interest. Baba pointed out a mast named Hafizji Nabeena, who he revealed was the spiritual chargeman of Delhi.  Baba’s mail had been forwarded to Delhi and it was brought from the post office. After Baba replied to the letters, he sent Chhagan to Pandharpur with Kaka Shahane, instructing Chhagan to remain there and fast for seven days.

23 July 1928 – On 23 July 1928, Baba called Meredith Starr and discussed his future work. In the course of their conversation, Baba remarked, “I will work through you in the West. You will work for me directly. You are fit for this [spiritual] line and so I have drawn you here. I will make you perfect in this life.” Thinking himself to be someone important, Starr was of course delighted to hear this.

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