Meher Today – 23rd February

Meher Today – 23rd February

23 February 1923

Baba and his group from Manzil-e-Meem feed 200 poor, crippled or blind people.

23 February 1938

On 23 February 1938, explaining about alcohol, drugs and other such habits, Baba stated:

Drinks in ordinary moderate doses act as stimulants and are harmless. If taken in excess, they are harmful. Drugs, whether in small or large doses, are injurious. They have a characteristic of making the users addicts. Starting from small doses and very subtly, they tempt the partakers to increase the quantity indiscriminately, until they cannot do without them and become addicted.

Smoking has only the slight advantage of deriving superficial pleasure, which is temporary. But there are three distinct disadvantages: physical, mental and habitual. Physically it spoils the system and mentally it tortures one when unavailable.

23 February 1954

While listening to bag pipe music at a darshan program in Machilipatnam, Baba says it reminds him of the very first song sung that produced this phenomenon called the Universe.

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