Meher Today – 23rd August

Meher Today – 23rd August

23 August 1932

Baba lands in Alexandria, Egypt.

23 August 1934

Adi Sr.’s mood had been gloomy since Baba’s return, and he too had thoughts of “complete abandonment of Baba’s company and association.” Baba seemed to deliberately taunt him to get him to stop brooding and speak his mind. On 23 August 1934, Baba asked him, “Why don’t you look happy these days?”

Adi was never one to mince his words, even with Baba. He replied, “During your last five foreign tours, you did not take me with you and kept me here under one pretext or another.”

Baba commented, “You should be the happiest of the mandali! You are free from worldly cares or bodily disease and have a car at your disposal to drive about in. Still, you are always discontented! You are the ‘champion grumbler’ and never satisfied with life!”

23 August 1960

On 23 August, Baba said:

“Seek and you shall find” has become such a commonplace slogan that spiritual aspirants have begun to wonder what it means

To them I say: “Do not seek and you will find.”

Do not seek material pleasure and you will find the spiritual treasure. This means, seek only God by not seeking material pleasure and you will find God.

You can only seek God through self-denial. The spiritual treasure cannot be obtained by merely stretching out your hand for it. Only in the completeness of self-denial can the spiritual treasure become self-evident.

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