Meher Today – 22nd July

Meher Today – 22nd July

22 July 1942 – Baba and the four men left Kathgodam on 22 July 1942 and went to Bareilly, where he again contacted the saint Bashir Mian and spent the night at a hotel.

22 July 1949 – On 22 July, Baba decided to fast the entire day, taking only tea in the morning without milk, and coffee in the evening. He washed Ali Shah’s feet and gave him tea with his own hands. Baba then gave certain instructions to the mandali and retired into seclusion until 2:00 P.M. At 3:30 P.M. he fed Ali Shah.

At four o’clock Baba drank a cup of coffee. He informed the mandali: “Today my seclusion was entirely satisfactory. But it was so intense that I felt tired and dozed for half an hour during it. My trip to Poona has been a mixture of work, seclusion and relaxation. The stay has been satisfactory, as I have worked seven hours in seclusion, taken seven days of relaxation combined with work, and contacted seven masts.

“But I will feel entirely satisfied and happy if it does not rain tomorrow so that I can witness the cricket match undisturbed.” Baba himself then proposed an outing in the car, and during the drive asked each if it would rain the next day. Baba ordered Kaka, “Pray that it does not rain and spoil the match!.” After he returned from the drive, Baba drank another cup of coffee and played games with the mandali for an hour before retiring.

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  1. It is just wonderfu to read date wise activities of MeherBaba along with years the added.And with mail on our phones,its so convenient,we get hold of it,wherever we are.Jai Meher Baba!!

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