Meher Today – 22nd February

Meher Today – 22nd February

22 February 1924

Baba and 8 of his men mandali depart for Persia (Iran) via Bombay (Mumbai) Harbor. This is Baba’s first visit there.

22 February 1954

After a darshan program in the small village of Pammaru, seemingly without reason, Baba goes to the home of a poor old man. Later it is discovered that the man had not attended the darshan program because he thought he would not be allowed due to his social caste. The man’s heart was overwhelmed to find Baba coming to him.

22 February 1962

On the morning of Thursday, 22 February 1962, Baba held a meeting in the hall with Adi, Eruch, Mani, Francis and Don Stevens about a new edition of God Speaks. It was agreed not to have Baba’s photo on the cover, not to change the text, and to continue their association with Dodd, Mead.

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