Meher Today – 22nd August

Meher Today – 22nd August

22 August 1925

On 22 August, in Tajuddin’s honor, Baba asked everyone to fast for 24 hours. They were to bathe first and then gather together in the school. When all had assembled at noon, Baba, finding those who chewed tobacco a bit out of sorts, gave them a little to enjoy, and to those who smoked, he gave beedies or cheroots (hand-rolled Indian cigarettes). But he instructed, as part of the general day-long fast, “Until sundown, no one should think of either tobacco or cigarettes.” Gramophone records were played, and Angal Pleader expounded on passages from the Puranas and the life and teachings of Tajuddin Baba.

22 August 1928

On Wednesday, 22 August 1928, Baba eased the school curriculum for one month and ordered the mandali to let the boys come to him whenever they wished. During this period, Baba was surrounded by the children wherever he went. Many of the boys would wake up at midnight and sit in meditation. At the same time, they would observe the routine during school hours, study, meals, and games without feeling tired. Baba indicated that this was a good sign and he was pleased with their enthusiasm. A complete change in the Prem Ashram was noticed and the play of Wine began again.

22 August 1937

On Sunday, 22 August, Alfredo discussed with Baba his idea of producing film shorts on the spiritual themes explained by Baba. Baba encouraged him stating, “The unique experiences and efforts of a sinner becoming a saint can be dramatically demonstrated in short but interesting story forms that will not only excite the fancy but also, in a thrilling way, teach the only truth — that manhas to become God!”

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