Meher Today – 21st October

Meher Today – 21st October

21 October 1937

One visitor whom Baba did permit to stay in Cannes was Mercedes de Acosta from Hollywood, who arrived on 21 October 1937. One afternoon Baba went for a drive with her and he decided to take Mohammed along. They drove in a convertible, and just as the chauffeur slowed down for the traffic in Nice, Mohammed began shouting at the top of his lungs. A policeman stopped the car and looked at Baba, asking what the trouble was. Baba put his hand to his mouth to indicate that he did not speak.

Mohammed started shouting louder and then began to sing at the top of his voice.

At this point, Mercedes took it upon herself to explain the situation to the policeman, saying, “These gentlemen are from India. This gentleman [Baba] has taken a vow of silence and the other is a mentally ill Hindu undergoing treatment here, but he is harmless.” The policeman was wonderstruck at the “odd” characters. Shrugging his shoulders, he waved his hand and told them to be on their way.

21 October 1956

On Sunday, 21 October, Baba, along with Eruch, Pendu and Nilu, left by car for a mast tour. Baidul had been sent in advance and met the party that day in Nasik. Baba originally planned to contact masts in Guna in Madhya Pradesh and Kota (650 miles directly north) in Rajasthan, but after the first day out, he changed his plans and went only as far as Indore. Traveling night and day, he then journeyed to Meherabad on the 23rd, arriving there at midnight, to work with Ali Shah for two hours.

21 October 1962

Despite his poor health, Baba accepts the invitation to inaugurate the Avatar Meher Baba Ahmednagar Center Hall. Eruch reads Baba’s message that the Center is open for all those whose hearts are open to receive his love.

21 October 1968

On 21 October 1968, Baba ordered Bhau to send for a copy of the Ramayana, Tulsidas’ famous epic poem of Lord Ram’s life. General messages from Baba would be sent daily to Bhau’s family in Ahmednagar, and they were asked to send a copy of the book as soon as possible. A copy of the Ramayana arrived the following evening, and during Bhau’s watch, Baba took the book, opened it at random, and asked Bhau to read a few verses aloud. After he read from various parts of the book, Baba motioned to him to close it and remarked, “You will write better than this!” Taken aback, Bhau again pleaded with Baba not to ask him to do any more writing, especially with the upcoming darshan program. Again Baba let the matter drop.


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