Meher Today – 21st November

Meher Today – 21st November

21 November 1932

Baba leaves India for his fourth visit to the West.

21 November 1942

On 21 November, Baba brought up a new idea. Instead of holding one gathering at Meherabad, he suggested that smaller congregations be held at seven different places simultaneously. Baba chose Bombay, Poona, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Allahabad, Lahore and Sholapur as central points for spreading his message. To make preparations for these gatherings, Baba decided to hold a meeting of his intimate followers on 27 December, at Meherabad. His lovers were then invited to attend the meeting.

21 November 1948

On Sunday, 21 November 1948, Baba contacted 140 sadhus in the hall of Jagannath Maharaj’s ashram.  A chair was brought to the main hall and Baba asked Jagannath to be seated on it, as he wished to have Jagannath near him during the contacts. Jagannath obliged, but with reluctance because he knew Baba was someone very great, and Baba sat on the stone floor beside him. The door was then closed and the mandali were posted outside, for Baba did not wish them to see what was about to occur. Each sadhu was sent in one by one, and Baba lay his head on their feet and handed each five rupees.

21 November 1967

On 21 November, Baba dictated this prayer:

I invoke God’s blessings on my lovers who will have dropped their bodies by the time I drop mine that they have their places near me according to their faith, love and service.

And I invoke God’s blessings on my lovers who will still be in their bodies when I have dropped mine according to their faith, love and service.

And I invoke God’s grace on the few I have in mind to realize me as I am.


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