Meher Today – 21st July

Meher Today – 21st July

21 July 1947 – Baba starts an eleven-day fast.

21 July 1941 – At Meherabad, before entering into seclusion, Baba called a meeting of the mandali on 20 and 21 July 1941. Joining them were Ramjoo from Nasik; Ghani, Adi Sr., Eruch and Don from Bangalore (where Don had been posted); Jalbhai, Adi Jr., Beheram and Sadashiv Patil from Poona; along with Chanji and other close ones from Bombay, Poona and Ahmednagar (such as Sarosh). Baba personally met with each man, and instructed each about his work and individual affairs.

Baba explained the reason for calling the meeting: “I might die during the next six months of seclusion. So by calling you now, I am giving you all this last chance of seeing me. If I die, all of you will die soon too, as there would be no point in your living then. If however I do not die, I will speak and manifest, and you should ‘pass your examination’ [carry out the orders he had given].

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