Meher Today – 21st January

Meher Today – 21st January

21 January 1953

On Wednesday, 21 January 1953, at 7:00 A.M., Baba and the group left by car and buses. The tears of Tadepalligudem serenaded his farewell. Baba reached Pentapadu after half an hour, where he was riotously received by about 5,000 people. I. Gangadharam and an acharya (Hindu priest) delivered welcome addresses, and a few songs were sung. Baba touched the prasad of bananas and guavas, saying that the workers there should distribute it among the people. At eight o’clock, after giving a message to the students gathered there, Baba headed for Pippara.

Dr. Rao, Kutumba Sastri, Mallikarjuna Rao and a few others had joined Baba in Tadepalligudem. At each place Kutumba Sastri translated Baba’s messages into Telugu.

Baba arrived in Pippara at about 8:30 A.M., where a function was held at the board high school. Over 5,000 people were present, including the students

21 January 1957

Kaka was called to Poona for a day. Sarosh brought him on Monday, 21 January 1957. The dog, Bhooty, had had puppies and Baba had sent a message to Kaka to bring one of the male puppies that most resembled the mother. Baba played with the puppy and instructed Kaka to keep him and give most of the other puppies away. When Baba returned to Meherazad, he named the puppy Mastan.

21 January 1969

On the morning of Tuesday, 21 January 1969, Baba was helped to sit up in bed. He complained of a choking sensation in his throat and he breathed with difficulty, wheezing for half an hour like an asthmatic patient. He asked for hot tea and after drinking it, along with a pill of Belargal, the wheezing subsided. He complained of feeling terribly weak and said he would only have liquids that day.


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