Meher Today – 21st February

Meher Today – 21st February

21 February 1929

On Thursday, 21 February 1929, Baba selected five men to be writers — Dastur, Chanji, Manekar, Ramjoo, and Raosaheb (who had recently returned to Meherabad from Persia). A committee was established and came to be known as the Divine Knowledge Publishers, with an office in the tatta lecture hall on the hill. Each of the men was given a separate room in which to write. Baba ordered Dastur to write in English, Ramjoo in Hindi and Urdu, Raosaheb in Persian, Chanji in Gujarati, and Manekar in Marathi. Two o’clock in the afternoon was fixed for the committee to meet with Baba and receive his advice about their respective writing projects. But, as it turned out, during this entire period, they had the chance of seeing Baba only twice.

21 February 1963

Yogi Shuddhanand Bharati was issuing a booklet titled Silent Splendour, and requested a message from Baba for it. On 21 February, Baba sent him this message via telegram:

My message for your booklet is as follows: Your love for me glows in your book Silent Splendour. As the Ancient One I give my blessing that this booklet may help all who read it to be ready to absorb the splendor of my Word of words when I break my silence.

21 February 1968

On 21 February, at 8:30 A.M., Sam’s ship ran aground on a rocky shoal, and from then until about 8:30 P.M. that night, the ship took a heavy pounding due to the rough seas. Fortunately, at night, when the high tide came, they escaped off the rocks and slowly limped into the Casablanca port of Morocco, where the ship company’s personnel and insurance agents boarded the ship. While the cargo was unloaded, it was noticed that three to four metal plates on the ship’s hull had come loose with all the bolted rivets broken. The shipmates were surprised at how the plates had stayed in place and allowed the ship to sail nearly 70 miles under its own steam. The ship was later found to be irreparable and declared a total loss.

Sam knew that it was Baba’s hand which had saved them and sent all the details to him in a letter from Casablanca. In reply, Baba cabled: “Your birthday cable and letter received. Don’t worry. My love blessing to you and all on Parvati Jayanti. Meher Baba from seclusion.”


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